Some Pics Of Cena!!


Its been a long time.

I’m Sorry, I haven’t been active but I assure I won’t upset you guys anymore.

Well, Congrats To The New WWE Champion!

Yes John Cena has finally became The Champ again as he beat The Rock Past sunday at WM29.

WWE Smackdown March 8th, 2013

#1- Kane & Daniel Bryan vs Heath Slater & Drew

Winners: Kane & Daniel Bryan

#2- Ryback vs Damien Sandow

Winner: Ryback

#3- Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Alberto Del Rio, The World Heavyweight Champion!

#4- Mark Henry vs Yoshi Tatsu

Winner: Mark Henry

#5- Kaitlyn vs Tamina Snuka

Winner: Tamina

#6- Big Show vs Sheamus

-No Contest-

John Cena Vs The Rock Once Again


This Sunday’s Live Event, Elimination Chamber 2013 from New Orleans has not been so Good for John Cena because His trio with Sheamus and Ryback was beaten by The Sheild Somehow.

But Eventually something Good Happend for John Cena when The Rock defeated CM Punk to Retain The WWE Championship, It simply means and Highlights John Cena Vs The Rock for WWE Championship In april 7th, 2013 Wrestlemania 29, New York, New Jersey!

So Its Official, John Cena Vs The Rock For WWE Championship at WM29!

The New WWE Champion The Rock.

This Sunday at Royal Rumble, Finally The Rock Has Became WWE Champion by beating The Former Champion CM Punk.

In 10 years back, The Rock and Brock Lesnar Had a WWE Championship match but Unfortunately The Rock Could not win that match but his wish to become the WWE Champion has been changed into The Truth now.